Sunday, May 1, 2011

Log-on scripts for irc (Opera browser)

So you'll all know by now that these irc details are aimed for people that are using the Opera browser with its built-in irc client.
See Here for more info on that stuff. Once read, you should be fine with simple commands, masking your IP address and stuff.
There are lots of persons that are new to irc and only even heard of it through installing Opera. It is for these people that I write this. And any others that would like to see what they can 'do' with Opera.

Making a log-on 'script' 

The Opera browser doesn't by default include a way to integrate a log-on script like rub or python.
So we'll have a look at integrating commands to initiate upon connection.
It's really not that difficult to make simple commands run on login, and if users want to run more than just commands they'll use another irc client.

So, in the Opera menu navigate to mail and chat accounts > open the account you wish to configure > click on the 'outgoing' tab > now you'll see a text box underneath 'Perform commands when connected'

The GUI will look something like this (I've added some commands in):
The text box with with various commands is what you want.

The log-on commands explained:

So /msg NickServ IDENTIFY *******

Just logs me in. Yes you should love this, instead of typing it in every damn time you want to start chatting on Opera!
Note: I have added '*******' this isn't my password!
And sure if someone gains access to my computer they can find out my password. But I'm not really that paranoid!

/mode stagnate +x does what?? See HERE 

/mode stagnate +T

Where 'stagnate' is your nickname.
This command prevents other users from using the /ctcp command (Client to client protocol) to your nickname.

/join #opera 

Yes so now you can auto join channels upon connection...
Note:  /j #opera is just the shortened version of /join #opera and both work the same.

/silence + superstar
Please note needs the + to work, I forgot to put it in the screen shot..
This will prevent annoying pm's (personal messages) from the nickname 'superstar'.

-This command gives the 'message of the day': motd! If you've ever used the CISCO CLI you'll know all about this command.

If you are a room operator you can set your bot to automatically chuck in bans ect. But I don't think any one would dream of running a bot through Opera any time soon...

Cool, so now you can go forth and create a set of log-in commands that Opera will automatically enter on your behalf when connected. It can be very handy for those methodical commands.

*Next week: How to run a bot through Opera