Tuesday, November 29, 2011

General commands

Well I'll format this a bit later, but for now it's just a few commands that are generally getting asked about...

Password stuff:

Change your nickname password:

/msg NickServ SET PASSWORD pass

Where 'pass' is your new password

Seriously with NickServ you don't need the 'msg' as /NickServ SET PASSWORD pass will work fine too.

*note, you need to be logged in as the nick

Userhost command:

/userhost 'stagnate'

where 'stagnate' is the user, will give you the host info of the nick. Useful for bannings etc.

Help Op

/helpop <?-!> question

? denotes to query the database, where ! will just ask the help operators.

This command gives various details on rooms available in opera.

/quote list <option>
/raw list <option>

Not setting an option will give the full list of rooms.

> followed by a number eg: /quote list >23  will give you the list of rooms with more than 23 persons in it.
< followed by a number will give rooms with less than that prescribed number.
*mask* Matches a room to a mask
!*mask* Shows rooms that don't match a mask.


/setname >newname<

Allows you to change your 'real' name without disconnecting.