Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bob's Sailing blog

So went for a pretty good yacht race last Wednesday, half way to Green island and back to the inlet.

Wind was good and to start of we saw a stingray jump out of the water! I know right? wtf is a stingray doing jumping out of the water.... Well it did anyway.
So we cruised along tacking all the way out was a bit of hard work, but it payed off... All the way back in way mostly smooth sailing.
Just what I went for, having a few drinks I was on the tiller so the normal skipper could have a few more drinks than he usually would have had.
We weren't the fastest boat in the fleet but we did okay, hit a dead zone and was just heading in thanks to the incoming tide.
Might have some pics of the race in the next post...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Glacier Rock p2

Okay, did some more walking the view from the top was good, then I walked back down to the bottom.
You might be able to make out the railway tracks down below, remember that is about the half way point!
The end.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

legal stuff

So after being refereed to the Nature conservation act 1992 all I can see in there is section;

protect the area’s exceptional scientific values and, in
(i) to ensure that the processes of nature continue
unaffected in the area; and
(ii) to protect the area’s biological diversity to the
greatest possible extent,

Nothing about closing a section of a national park for safety reasons which is the reason given.

More later