Tuesday, November 29, 2011

General commands

Well I'll format this a bit later, but for now it's just a few commands that are generally getting asked about...

Password stuff:

Change your nickname password:

/msg NickServ SET PASSWORD pass

Where 'pass' is your new password

Seriously with NickServ you don't need the 'msg' as /NickServ SET PASSWORD pass will work fine too.

*note, you need to be logged in as the nick

Userhost command:

/userhost 'stagnate'

where 'stagnate' is the user, will give you the host info of the nick. Useful for bannings etc.

Help Op

/helpop <?-!> question

? denotes to query the database, where ! will just ask the help operators.

This command gives various details on rooms available in opera.

/quote list <option>
/raw list <option>

Not setting an option will give the full list of rooms.

> followed by a number eg: /quote list >23  will give you the list of rooms with more than 23 persons in it.
< followed by a number will give rooms with less than that prescribed number.
*mask* Matches a room to a mask
!*mask* Shows rooms that don't match a mask.


/setname >newname<

Allows you to change your 'real' name without disconnecting.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

IRC opera banning - to ban nicknames

Okay, I've been writing this up for ages now, it's getting nowhere so I thought to upload it and then I'll be forced to edit it sooner because everyone can see how shitty it is.So be warned - This is the first draft!
*This is now a quick edit, second draft.... Don't know what the changes will be yet.


By now you've see some cool stuff, pretend log-on scripts and a bit of privacy stuff.

If you decide to create a room in the Opera network with the Opera browser and it gets popular.....
You'll need to think about banning, auto kick and operator commands.
First off, lets say you have a cool new room: #cool_room we'll call it.
You've registered it, assigned one of your mates to gain full ops or half ops, and protect them.
That's great.
But now a particular annoying user keeps joining and being a nuisance...
You could start off just by right clicking their name and using the kick/ban options. This should be fine for most users. Adding to the ban list for that channel.

*note: The ban list is forgotten whenever the room is completely empty.
So if you're not running a bot to keep the room 'open' you should think about putting the ban list in the log-on commands list. See HERE.

Right, lets say a user 'lupin' is being really annoying, first warning you kick 'lupin' from the room, second time kick and ban him/her. - Usually just ban a nick for 1 - 8 hours depending on what I'm doing. If the user is mucking up again chuck their IP address into the ban list forever.

If the user doesn't come back - problem solved... But...
But then this nick keeps coming back and coming back!

It gets a bit tedious to keep putting ban after ban on.
First lets understand what's happening:
The user has a dynamic ip address - This is fine, most people do unless they're running a web or file server of some sort.

So under windows, all they have to do to change their ip address is in the command prompt: ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew.
Or most would just restart their router.
Both just request a new ip address from their isp.
So the commands for banning are as follows:

/mode #cool_room +b *!*@

Now this will put a ban on the IP address only and all the users attributed to that IP address.

Alternatively you could use:

/mode #cool_room +b *!*lupin

And just ban the nick.

Right now the real surprise happens when the very same nick comes right back! This is caused by that dynamic ip stuff.
 So now to put a 'wild-card' in the banning command:

 /mode #cool_room +b *!*@80.232.43.*

The '*' bans the complete range of numbers from 0 - 255 in the last octet of the ip address. This will usually foil the nickname.
 If not;
 /mode #cool_room +b *!*@80.232.*.*

Will most certainly ruin their plans.
*note:  '/mode #cool_room +b *!*@80.232.*' will not work in opera irc at present, don't know why really.

There's a whole lot more to banning - Such as using ChanServ to kick and ban users, but opera does have decent documentation on that so I'll skip it..

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Log-on scripts for irc (Opera browser)

So you'll all know by now that these irc details are aimed for people that are using the Opera browser with its built-in irc client.
See Here for more info on that stuff. Once read, you should be fine with simple commands, masking your IP address and stuff.
There are lots of persons that are new to irc and only even heard of it through installing Opera. It is for these people that I write this. And any others that would like to see what they can 'do' with Opera.

Making a log-on 'script' 

The Opera browser doesn't by default include a way to integrate a log-on script like rub or python.
So we'll have a look at integrating commands to initiate upon connection.
It's really not that difficult to make simple commands run on login, and if users want to run more than just commands they'll use another irc client.

So, in the Opera menu navigate to mail and chat accounts > open the account you wish to configure > click on the 'outgoing' tab > now you'll see a text box underneath 'Perform commands when connected'

The GUI will look something like this (I've added some commands in):
The text box with with various commands is what you want.

The log-on commands explained:

So /msg NickServ IDENTIFY *******

Just logs me in. Yes you should love this, instead of typing it in every damn time you want to start chatting on Opera!
Note: I have added '*******' this isn't my password!
And sure if someone gains access to my computer they can find out my password. But I'm not really that paranoid!

/mode stagnate +x does what?? See HERE 

/mode stagnate +T

Where 'stagnate' is your nickname.
This command prevents other users from using the /ctcp command (Client to client protocol) to your nickname.

/join #opera 

Yes so now you can auto join channels upon connection...
Note:  /j #opera is just the shortened version of /join #opera and both work the same.

/silence + superstar
Please note needs the + to work, I forgot to put it in the screen shot..
This will prevent annoying pm's (personal messages) from the nickname 'superstar'.

-This command gives the 'message of the day': motd! If you've ever used the CISCO CLI you'll know all about this command.

If you are a room operator you can set your bot to automatically chuck in bans ect. But I don't think any one would dream of running a bot through Opera any time soon...

Cool, so now you can go forth and create a set of log-in commands that Opera will automatically enter on your behalf when connected. It can be very handy for those methodical commands.

*Next week: How to run a bot through Opera

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Privacy in the irc world

Hi! Right then. 
Note: This piece is assuming users (you) have at minimal basic irc knowledge.
Go and check out the Introduction for the previous entry on irc commands.

So you've registered a nickname and cruised around a few channels right?
Now we'll talk privacy.

What users can find out about you, and how to stop them.

First off, if you've just joined irc, the chances are that your ip address is showing and quite possibly ( I see it a bit ) your real name and/or email address can be easily found. From this, malice users can commence port scans, ping your address to hell with broken 'ack' requests and the like, find out your facebook details, and heaps more details to scare the heck out of you. Just remember that when opera prompts you for your 'real name' and 'email' this information is clearly visible to all other users (excluding the domain name of your email address).

The commands that users can use and their meanings.

First we'll start simple.
The /who <nick> command

typing /who stagnate 
Would give you the default information on a nickname.
The outcome of this command will look like this:

#ruby bill CPE-124-177-167-92 irc.opera.com stagnate Hr 0 bob lehcror

#ruby being the channel the user last joined 'bill' being the users 'email address' -

*Note: Users will know that most persons will be using @hotmail, @yandex or any other popular mail servers - so it's not too hard to fill in the gap.

 - that opera asked for. CPE-124-177-167-92 being the users connection (ip address) and 'bob lehcror' being the users 'real name'

More information can be acquired by the /whois command which can be shortened to /w

Not to be missed is the /whowas command, this gives some info on a few of the last connections a nick has made.

Access list

NickServ stuff
There are a few different servers on the network (NicServ, ChanServ, HelpServ, BotServ and MemoServ)

Using NickServ to find info
/msg NickServ info <nick>
This command will bring back info such as; last seen on the network, time and date registered and any options that the nick has configured.

/msg NickServ status <nick>
This give info on the status of the nickname you input. NickServ will give back the status 0 1 2 or 3
0 is off-line
1 I don't know
2 registered but only with the access mask
3 on-line and registered

Client to client protocol
Using the command of /ctcp users can discover what o.s. and irc software you're using, and some other stuff

typing the command /ctcp <nick> version
will give back something like this:

VERSION Opera/9.80 (X11; Linux i686; U; en) Presto/2.7.62 Version/11.01

So a user can find out what operating system, platform and irc client you're using.
This info is fine to share mostly, some irc clients block client to client protocol by default, or have witty replies built in.

The <ping> command and <time> can also be used in /ctcp through the opera irc client.
These will be entered in the same format eg: /ctcp <nickname> time

Note: ctcp queries will bring up results in a new window when using the opera built in irc client. These queries cannot be seen by a general opera user.


Direct client connection
This allows the sharing of files between users.
In opera this will always prompt you to accept or decline. If you're not sure don't accept!
It's something like: /DCC send <nick> <file>
Just right click the users name you want to send something to in the user list, it's heaps easier.
Note: Some routers will block some ports that DCC use by default and can cause headaches ~. 

Okay, so in summary we can see that other users can see: 


Your I.P. address
Your real name (If entered)
Part of your email address (If entered)
Any security protocols you may be using (ssh, ect)
Your operating system
Your irc client


That's quite a bit of info other users can gain from a few simple commands right??
But relax! There are just not that many irc users out there that can really 'DO' stuff with that info, harmful stuff I mean. Sure. the average user might find your facebook, iptrace you to your suburb if they're lucky. But that's not going to harm you.
So how to block/prevent your personal info being available to everyone?

Masking and preventing access to your information 

Right so you should know by now who to prevent your real name and email address from being shown right? .... Just don't enter them! Problem solved!

To mask your I.P. address the command is:

/mode <your_nick_here> +x

Stopping incoming (and outgoing ctcp requests)
This is where users can find you operating system information and even flood you and force your irc client to disconnect!

/mode <your_nick_here> +T

To stop users sending private messages:
Note: This command doesn't 'stop' the user from sending the messages, it just stops you from reciving them :).

/silence + <nickname>

Right then, you can now block those curious requests and possible you may be more well equipped in the irc world :).
The NickServ queries can't be blocked, but they really don't matter unless you have a stalker!
If you've even read this far try the command: /msg NickServ access list.
You can even add and delete addresses from your access list! Eg:
/msg NickServ access add *lehcror@ 

*next week: I don't know, maybe a solid banning reference, I haven't seen one of those around for opera...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Intermediate guide to commands

Welcome to the opera irc!
If you haven't got your opera browser please go HERE and get it!

So this first section I'll write about some simple commands for the advanced user - the one who wants to go further than registering their nickname and registering channels.
All basic info you need for that is located Here (Opera's irc blog)

There are many irc clients out there and a lot of them are really good. I use opera simply because the web browser has proved more secure and stable than the other main web browsers. Well I don't think I'll have time to write any cool irc commands in today, will add to this soon though.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The real walk

Yeah it took a while, had a lot to do..
The walk I ended up doing has restricted access, it's restricted due to some government towers ( no idea what they do) at the peak. And they deem it to be a security risk or a bloody terrorist threat if someone wanted to go up there and blow them up. But really, no one is going to be bothered carrying explosives or the tools to bring down a coupla towers. And anyway if they could be bothered they'll do it regardless of the crazy warning signs all over the place. 

But I say, F 'em. They want to block access in a national park?? I've read the act and the only legal way there can be restricted access is due to damaging the local ecosystem.

Right then, I'll start with: No Swedish backpackers' on this trip!
What a pity.
It was a nice walk started out with a lot of switch-backs which get damn tiresome really quick. I didn't even make it to the peak.

I didn't see one other person on this walk, must be due to the signs at the start. I should mention that yes there is a large fence at the start of the walk, and there is a (one) guard person at the location too. I checked him out  a week before asking about the track and just had a polite chat.
He started off denying that there was ever a walking track there!
Until I convinced him I knew my walking tracks around the area and told him where the track went to. He admitted the existence of the track but has been closed since a cyclone has been through.
I didn't push him too much as to why they blocked off this one section due to dangerous conditions (That's the official version) which is illegal. All nation parks are deemed dangerous that's why there is no clause to restriction access to a park for that very reason.

Anyway the walk was bloody rough! It hadn't been trod for ages... I was happy to have taken my machete because the vines and crap were covering the track like crazy.
 So I get a fair way up and there is a cool view of the waterfall through some trees, that's my destination I though. But alas I had been walking for almost two hours and it was really tough going. I turned back, defeated, I have to go back. Also saw signs of wild pigs too, do NOT want to encounter those while walking solo.

I'll get back to that walk another day...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back to hiking/ sorta

SO this is new, I haven't been on the walk yet but am going tomorrow.... Am doing a pre-emptive hike story.

Right so I'll drive on over to the start of the walk(haven't decided which it'll be yet) And get out have a little stretch and find the start.
It's not going to be a long one.
So there's heaps of friggan mud around and it just started raining, has that ever stopped me? Ha!
Right, I've fallen over right on top of a muddy bit. Shit. Can't stop now...
I walk past two swedish backpacker girls (This actually does happen quite a lot) and they start giggling at my muddy side. Then I stop them, ask them if they had seen the film 'Wolf Creek'> the first one says nope, but ! The second one must have and starts looking worried, said something in her lan. To her friend and they both bolt off through the rain forest.

I walk on, elated, reach the pinnacle of my walk and stop to take in my surroundings. By now the mud has cracked and if falling off, I'm dry and successfully scared  some holidaymakers.

So that would be good, I'll have to write back after really doing the walk...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Facebook new data centre

Facebook will be putting ARM based servers in their upcoming Oregon data centre.

What does this mean for the general Facebook user? Nothing at this point, rather Intel will be watching carefully and holding their breath.

If Facebook's plans go well, we may see a dramatic drop in prices.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wifi Networks and Facebook weaknesses / Firesheep

FireSheep, the tool that allows the capture of a number of social networking sessions around you in an unsecured network like... An open WIFI network at the train station, aeroport or coffee shop.
A couple of researchers have compiled a few scripts to create the tool 'FireSheep', this can allow a remote user connected to a wifi access point to capture a social networking 'session' that a person is having on the same wifi point. And take it over by a single click. This tool was demonstrated at the ToorCon Hacking Conference in San Diego on Sunday.

The tool can effectively control the applications Facebook, Twitter and IGoogle. FireSheep gets in through the lack of transaction security for the many social networks.

As always though, wifi is always going to be a security issue, since everything through a single point (although encrypted) is broadcast to anyone who cares to listen> Or sniff rather.

Firesheep works on unencrypted wireless LAN connections with services that do not use the secure HTTPS.

This problem has been know for some time now and isn't anything new. The point is now the Two researchers have released their program for the general public. This problem will require social networking sites to  revamp their session transfer information stuff...

Most people that are already aware of this problem but still need the use of social networking tools for unsecured wifi, create a V.P.N. at their home and can then, through their home computer, create for themselves a secure session.

More details: Kaspersky's Threatpost

Friday, March 18, 2011

Blue arrow

Okay so I got back to the blue arrow, filled with water, snacks and supplies.... lol

It was bloody hard! At least five trees ( The huge ones not the little shrubs) over the beaten track that I had to climb, scramble over. And the track was so sloppy I nearly fell a few times.
But it was good to get back out there in the real forest.
Usually I meet a few others walkers on this track, but this time, zero.
We have been having non-stop rain here hence not many stupid people like me want to walk through the jungle as a torrent of water renders the path un walk-able for most.
So I'll do it again and take a few snaps next weekend so you'll all see what I mean.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Red Arrow (Again)

So due to all the cyclone and flooding destruction here, it's difficult to access an open trail.
I resorted to partaking the Red Arrow, and sure enough it was chockers with after-workers.
A pretty easy walk usually, this time the track has been washed away in parts, a few trees and lots of bamboo over the pathway makes for a interesting walk.
I have to avoid the after five session because > one ex girlfriend walks it too!

Yeah it hasn't stopped raining here in Cairns since Yasi ploughed through a few weeks ago. But really no one cares about that now, all eyes are on Japan going critical.
 It doesn't mean we can forget about our national parks walking tracks! Wish the park rangers had a better budget and could open the tracks sooner.

So more walking tales to follow, I've nearly done all of the available hikes in the Cairns area, next on the list is Davies Creek waterfalls on the tablelands.
 I hear it's a rock-hopping track all along the river bed and best not to traverse after rain..

Update during the week to let ya all know about it. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

to walk or not to walk

Yeah I can't really remember the last time that I went for a hike, ever since cyclone Yasi went through most of the tracks have been un- hike-able.
So I'll get to some tracks soon!
In the meantime I'm going to watch the first season of pokemon. No really I am.
Remember when Ash caught his first pokemon? The catapie? Those were the days! And he steals Misty's bike? LOL nice one. Yeah I'm up to episode 3 now it rocks. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back to the Hiking

Okay so the Yasi Cyclone thing wasn't much to write home about...

There was quite a lot of trees down and fences toppled but no major damage, this means the walking tracks in the rainforest are un-walkable! Bloody hell.

So I cruise over to the Red Arrow walking track because I figure it gets a lot of movement from the after workers and it should be okay...... Only to find it fenced off!
Wow I say ( I really said something else).
This fencing was .... I'll just post the stuff. Damn I should have taken a photograph of the path being blocked off.

Yeah that's the stuff.

This fencing was in a few spots all along the track! I jumped the first few and then ripped the rest down and chucked it to the side.. There was no notices as to why the temporary fencing was there - as far as I knew some kid had put it up as a joke. Or whatever.

So anyway as the Red Arrow walk is part of the Mount Whitfield Conservation Park. After going to the Queensland Government website I see >>

Opening hours

Mount Whitfield Conservation Park is open 24 hours a day.
So This seems like a bit of a joke.
After looking in detail at the site I note "Stop the spread of weeds and pathogens"
I had to laugh - this is in the same park that has "Removal of Bamboo prohibited"
WTF? That's a noxious introduces species in my Mount Whitfield Conservation Park???
Needless to say I'll be writing to both D.E.R.M. and the Cairns Council.
Well maybe I won't, I'll just brood on this for a while.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Yasi Cyclone stuff

Yeah well ban news, my camera decided to crap itself soon after the cyclone hit, so I lost heaps and heaps of pictures.
Managed to save these two though...

First is a tree in the middle of the road: 

 This is a tree down on the side of the road:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bob's Cyclone Yasi blog!

Yeah damn strait, I'm right in the path of this Yasi girl.
Well by now you'll all have heard of it, for you Statesers it's a Hurricane but down 'ere we call them Cyclones.

She's about to hit but don't get caught up in the media hype to sell their stories - it's just some wind and water that residents have had the best part of a week to prepare for.

If their roof flies off? Well it was a shitty roof. They should know this area is prone to Tropical Cyclones and act accordingly.

Anyway I haven't had the tv on for more than ... Well since the moto gp was on in fact.
I mean look at this :
For those without a qr reader: HERE

It's not until you get right in the epicentre where the winds start to become destructive. Sure the system is BLOODY huge but the important section of it isn't.

Yeah I'll leave it at that cause my power will prob go out soon, due to a *** ****** **** massive Cyclone Yasi coming at me!  Arrr!

I'll post some pics next few days

Monday, January 24, 2011

Blue Arrow Pictures

So I went back to the Blue Arrow yesterday and took some photographs... Here they are! Well some of them anyway.

So first off I came across some sort of huge lizard, can't remember it's name right now but they are fairly common in the bush up here.
I have left the pic of it at the end because I want to keep the photo large and it looks crap having a picture at the start that's massive.

Right the first pic is just of the path ways and it shows you how nice the actual walk is, there's always birds chirping and sometimes even a kingfisher drops by. But never for too long.

I'm told the snakes on this walk are pretty good and used to walkers. They seem to scramble off pretty fast. 


Good view form one of the many lookouts

This is the path! I kid you not - that's my backpack on it. Get a few snakes in there I reckon

 Another view of the walking track

My fav place on the whole walk, the crisp cool rainforest stream.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blue Arrow

Okay this was a pretty good hike, lots of stairs and no scrambling to speak of.

The hike starts off from the 'Red Arrow' track, the hub of after work fitness fanatics. So quickly move through that and you're past all those wankers abusing their bodies for the sake of looks.
Once past the Red you make a short climb ( all climbs are really steps in this walk) up to the lookout. This wasn't really that great when I was there - there was quite a number of low lying clouds about.
Now the Blue really starts, first off is a short spell of downhill and then Bang! Feels like it's straight up, and the winding steps along the ridge line just keep going on forever.
After about 20 minutes of this you come to another lookout- oh ( I forgot to mention this hike is a circuit track so I am walking clockwise) this lookout has some better views and you can even see out to some of the cays in the ocean.
This is a fairly slow climb to the summit of the mountain is approx 350 meters and is relatively easy, there is an abundance of local wild life and I did get a little scared when I came across a bloody huge snake! By a little search it most likely was the Eastern Brown Snake Picture here.

So another hour on and it's the half way point with another lookout, this one is good.
You can see a lot of the rainforest to the west and even make out patches of reef out to sea, it was great and I stayed a while.
So it's a little walk back and mostly downhill now and the absolute highlight was coming across a stream and being able to submerge myself in the crisp cool rainforest water. It was such a refreshing feeling.

So back to town and I'll be doing that walk again some time soon.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy new year!
Well I had a bloody good trip over seas for a few weeks but back now.
I can't even remember what hike I was going to write about......
So The next one will be called the 'Blue Arrow'.
It's a tough one and they say it takes about three hours to do, the reason I'm keen on this one is it's a circuit track so none of that walk for ages and go back the way you came crap.
Apparently you can see the great barrier reef from the peak of the mountain, guess I'll find out soon enough.