Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wifi Networks and Facebook weaknesses / Firesheep

FireSheep, the tool that allows the capture of a number of social networking sessions around you in an unsecured network like... An open WIFI network at the train station, aeroport or coffee shop.
A couple of researchers have compiled a few scripts to create the tool 'FireSheep', this can allow a remote user connected to a wifi access point to capture a social networking 'session' that a person is having on the same wifi point. And take it over by a single click. This tool was demonstrated at the ToorCon Hacking Conference in San Diego on Sunday.

The tool can effectively control the applications Facebook, Twitter and IGoogle. FireSheep gets in through the lack of transaction security for the many social networks.

As always though, wifi is always going to be a security issue, since everything through a single point (although encrypted) is broadcast to anyone who cares to listen> Or sniff rather.

Firesheep works on unencrypted wireless LAN connections with services that do not use the secure HTTPS.

This problem has been know for some time now and isn't anything new. The point is now the Two researchers have released their program for the general public. This problem will require social networking sites to  revamp their session transfer information stuff...

Most people that are already aware of this problem but still need the use of social networking tools for unsecured wifi, create a V.P.N. at their home and can then, through their home computer, create for themselves a secure session.

More details: Kaspersky's Threatpost

Friday, March 18, 2011

Blue arrow

Okay so I got back to the blue arrow, filled with water, snacks and supplies.... lol

It was bloody hard! At least five trees ( The huge ones not the little shrubs) over the beaten track that I had to climb, scramble over. And the track was so sloppy I nearly fell a few times.
But it was good to get back out there in the real forest.
Usually I meet a few others walkers on this track, but this time, zero.
We have been having non-stop rain here hence not many stupid people like me want to walk through the jungle as a torrent of water renders the path un walk-able for most.
So I'll do it again and take a few snaps next weekend so you'll all see what I mean.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Red Arrow (Again)

So due to all the cyclone and flooding destruction here, it's difficult to access an open trail.
I resorted to partaking the Red Arrow, and sure enough it was chockers with after-workers.
A pretty easy walk usually, this time the track has been washed away in parts, a few trees and lots of bamboo over the pathway makes for a interesting walk.
I have to avoid the after five session because > one ex girlfriend walks it too!

Yeah it hasn't stopped raining here in Cairns since Yasi ploughed through a few weeks ago. But really no one cares about that now, all eyes are on Japan going critical.
 It doesn't mean we can forget about our national parks walking tracks! Wish the park rangers had a better budget and could open the tracks sooner.

So more walking tales to follow, I've nearly done all of the available hikes in the Cairns area, next on the list is Davies Creek waterfalls on the tablelands.
 I hear it's a rock-hopping track all along the river bed and best not to traverse after rain..

Update during the week to let ya all know about it. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

to walk or not to walk

Yeah I can't really remember the last time that I went for a hike, ever since cyclone Yasi went through most of the tracks have been un- hike-able.
So I'll get to some tracks soon!
In the meantime I'm going to watch the first season of pokemon. No really I am.
Remember when Ash caught his first pokemon? The catapie? Those were the days! And he steals Misty's bike? LOL nice one. Yeah I'm up to episode 3 now it rocks.