Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glacier rock

Finally the weather held out..
Right so I started from the Douglas walking track at 7 in the morning, it will get pretty hot up there.
Took plenty of water and some lunch this time too... It started of as a nice walk through the rain forest and then bang! Talk about steep!
Well it was nothing compared to Stoney creek from a week ago, so working up a sweat on the steep switch backs I go.
No real sign of wild life, just a few lizards and stuff. I took a mate on this walk too - I usually trek alone so I can go my own pace -, and yeah we had a few rest stops on the way.
About half an hour up we reach the railway tracks and by jingo they have put in a walking bridge, this of course cuts out a fair amount of climbing and also provided us with a shady spot to sit for a few minutes. We already were privy to a fantastic view of the ocean.
Going further up was open to the sun and bloody steep, a few trees dotted about but no substantial shade.
We finally get to a peak where the turn off to Red Bluff is but the darn track was closed because it's 'dangerous'.
I would have gone anyway because we were in a National park that has no restricted access, so rather than saying 'Track closed' the parks managers should say; 'enter at you own risk'. Which is what you are doing when you enter the national park in the first place.
I might write them.
Picture is from the Glacier Rock lookout

 Someone has mentioned to me that there is a walk to 'Surprise Creek waterfalls' that is completely blocked off because of cyclone damage, and all around the entrance is fenced off. Now sure I'm fairly new to Cairns but you can't block access to a National park it is the Peoples park. The local council would have to go through red tape to get it re-zoned or something.
 But as yet, I haven't been able to confirm this. According to local information it is located at the end of the road at Barron Gorge.
If anyone has further information on this track please leave a comment, cheers.
More soon...

Friday, October 22, 2010


It has been bloody raining non stop this week so I haven't been out in the jungle...
So nothing to report.
I plan to do Glacier Rock this weekend though so will post when ready!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

White rock p?

Think it's part three.

So climbing back up to that metal post was damn hard! Picture yourself climbing up a brick wall but it's covered in mud and there are f**kin spiders everywhere, only little ones mind you. But large enough to bother you.
And all you have is a few trees to grab onto until the top.
So the walk back to the entrance was relativity quiet, I had made the track easier to navigate on the way in.
Sorry to all that want to see photos, I'll go and do the bloody thing again next week and take some okay?
So if you don't hear from me you'll know where I am lol.
Alright next week-  Glacier rock. I hear it's pretty tough!

Friday, October 15, 2010

White Rock p2

Ok so about 40 mins of solid jungle bush walking I come to a metal pole affixed in a mound of concrete, it's engraved with 'do not remove this pole'. What the * is that all about I wonder.
From  this pole there is a steep decent (And I mean Steep) to the actual White rock.
 Slipping and sliding and about half way to the rock six Kookaburras decide to land the next tree over and laugh at this silly person scrambling down the mountainside.
It was great! Kookaburras are one of my fav birds and can be very elusive so to have six of them laughing in song, I was elated.

I kept going down hill and got to the White rock to find it a normal rock and someone keeps painting it white every year or so lol.
The view was commanding, I could even see the colours of bikini's on the back packers sun bathing at the lagoon in town.
I naturally sat and had some nourishment on the rock before trying to climb back up.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New hike; White rock

Well his is a load of, finally I've picked a walk that is less strenuous and more greater chance of spotting some nature.
 This one you actually drive most of the way up in comfort any way so I missed out on all that steep crap.
So It starts at a mobile phone relay up the very top of mount Sheridan (which you drive up to!).
I had to navigate my way skirting past the barb-wire fence to get to the start of the track. It's one of those un-managed  tracks that the local council doesn't care about, so in some track books I've read they mention NOT to leave the track for a second because you probably will never find it again.
So anyway, the track starts and it's popper jungle. I mean I should have brought the machete Oh that reminds me I took a picture of what we call a wait-a-while lol. So all you guys asking for pics can rejoice!
 So yeah I dare you to touch that! So now you understand why I needed that machete!

All right, the track was pure jungle and it was in the first five minutes I came across a snake.
It was about a meter and a half but I still shat!
When you're walking down a path and just happen across one.
Yeah tried to get a photo of it but the damn thing just looked at me and slithered away.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The descent

Sorry no pictures
So going down was crap, as I may have mentioned it was bloody steep.
The pressure on my knees was intense, and I fell over once.
I saw a few people on their way up and lol they looked tired.
So as I was walking down I've rounded a corner and wow! A massive Eagle was just chilling out under some bushes.
It flew away as soon as I started towards it and damn that thing was huge!
I finally got to the base went home and sat in the pool with a few beers for the rest of the afternoon.
The end.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Next part, more climbing

So there I am at the half way point looking out.
I didn't stop to rest for long just enough time to have an apple and a few drinks, there was more walking to do.

Most of the climb it just rocky scrubby bush, I didn't really pay much attention on the way up it. At one point I thought I could see the peak and wow I started smiling.. I'm nearly there! But alas it was a deceiving mountain  I still had quite a ways to go.
Made it to the top! Man the view was amazing, panoramic view of the sea, more mountains and secluded waterfalls that only the keen insane hikers would attempt.
So of course I sit for lunch on a large rock, about three meters away is a fall to sudden death! I'd bet if you fell you'd still have time to finish your lunch and call your loved ones to say g'day.
Next time; The decent

Monday, October 4, 2010

New hike PART one, Walsh's Pyramid

Well some might (and did) call me crazy for tackling Walsh's Pyramid on my own. It's mostly a steep climb- It is just a steep climb and hikers are taken home in wheel chairs every year.
But so what? I'm no girl.
Started out at 8 am left home, It was already 24c by that time -Oh and plenty of water!
So now for the climb, did I say steep?
I should have brought rock climbing gear!
So after climbing for about an hour I come across a guy walking back down, we both stop for a chat and he give me some inspiring words- you're not even at the half-way point!
I lol'd, I was damn exhausted by then all there was to do was keep going.
Got to the half way point and sat down and wow, the view was amazing, I could see one of the islands out to sea I could see well you get the point, I was high up even at the half way point.
More later.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Part seven, the journey home

Right so nearly home; lol

Yeah bloody right, I have reached the top of the hardest section though but not without injury. You see I have no idea when but somewhere on the climb ( or scrabble) back up to the peak I seemed to have injured my left hip.
Now it's a slow incline for a while and then a damn steep drop for an hour to the start of this bloody walk.
So the way back starts of fine, then the hip starts to get worse and worse.

At one point I yell profanities to the sky; it really hurts...
So yeah it took double the amount of time to get back then on the way there which sucked big time. 
Oh and I f**ken ran out of water on the way back I swear I had some damn good luck I made it back at all.
Remember boys and girls take plenty of water and re-fill when you can.
Stay tunned for my next hike; Not sure whatever it is but won't be long! 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

PART SIX: Bananas

So yeah, I get dry have another look around and proceed to make my way back up.
After about ten mins I am back to the train bridge and what do I hear, that's right the bloody train!
I sat down on a rock just before the bridge and waited for the train.
It comes creeping along joined by a plethora of waves and smiles from the Japanese tourists, I nearly got in as many photos as the waterfalls!

Now for the bloody hard part
The climb back up was daunting to say the least, not a dangerous a free rock climbing but sure if I fall or injure myself I am 2 hours away from anyone and I wasn't getting any reception out here.
On the lighter side I did pick some wild bananas at the base of the climb; there was a patch of them.
First half of the climb wasn't too bad with a few steps here and there to help me along, then comes the hard part scrambling up those bloody loose rocks is completely my idea of an adventure. You really feel alive when you slip on a rock fall a meter and only just stop yourself by catching a sapling that by rights shouldn't be able to support you weight anyway.
Yeah heart picked up a few beats after that one...

PART FIVE; The decent into somewhere

Yeah sweet I made it down, little did I know there was more of a decent to go.I walked halfway across the train bridge for a better view of the falls- they were quite Amazing,
Right I say; how the F am I going to get down there( It's a sheer drop to the pool from any direction).
I go back to the start of the bridge and carefully make my way down to the base of the falls bellow.
If I fall I'm staying the night

Finally! I'm at the falls!
So of course as I am at least two hours from anyone I proceed to get all my gear off and swim in the fantastic fresh rainforest waterfall.
It was freezing, and well refreshing after that bloody walk let me tell you.
I relaxed for around 20 mins or so to realise I'm going to have to return to town soon.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Part 4? or is it five?

So any way There I was a the top of this massive ridge looking down to the beautiful stony creek falls.
I start climbing down feeling like a cool rock climber lol, about 20 mins of slow going down this steep ravine I come across a beaten path! Sweet someone has done this before and I not just going totally bush.
Another 10 mins and I reach the half- way down point where the train tracks are. Great getting closer to these falls.