Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blue Arrow

Okay this was a pretty good hike, lots of stairs and no scrambling to speak of.

The hike starts off from the 'Red Arrow' track, the hub of after work fitness fanatics. So quickly move through that and you're past all those wankers abusing their bodies for the sake of looks.
Once past the Red you make a short climb ( all climbs are really steps in this walk) up to the lookout. This wasn't really that great when I was there - there was quite a number of low lying clouds about.
Now the Blue really starts, first off is a short spell of downhill and then Bang! Feels like it's straight up, and the winding steps along the ridge line just keep going on forever.
After about 20 minutes of this you come to another lookout- oh ( I forgot to mention this hike is a circuit track so I am walking clockwise) this lookout has some better views and you can even see out to some of the cays in the ocean.
This is a fairly slow climb to the summit of the mountain is approx 350 meters and is relatively easy, there is an abundance of local wild life and I did get a little scared when I came across a bloody huge snake! By a little search it most likely was the Eastern Brown Snake Picture here.

So another hour on and it's the half way point with another lookout, this one is good.
You can see a lot of the rainforest to the west and even make out patches of reef out to sea, it was great and I stayed a while.
So it's a little walk back and mostly downhill now and the absolute highlight was coming across a stream and being able to submerge myself in the crisp cool rainforest water. It was such a refreshing feeling.

So back to town and I'll be doing that walk again some time soon.


  1. pretty cool, I bet Australia is great for hiking... I'm from California and there are definitely great locations but a lot of it is too populated to hike in.

  2. Oh my...crisp cool rainforest water and patches of reef sounds amazing!

  3. I don't know why I keep coming back here if all your posts make me is jealous! :)

    As awesome, sounds amazing.

  4. Rain forests are beautiful! I wish I went to a rain forest instead of class tomorrow lol

  5. you've got me itching to go on a hike now.. except the weather sucks here unfortunately.

  6. got winded just reading that. Must stop smoking.

  7. Must of been really beautiful. Here in the desert I'm running into snakes all the time.

  8. right on! snakes are cool though. i guess it depends on how big it time, snap a pic!

  9. Needs more pictures! This sounds beautiful.

    Definitely planning on going to New Zealand / Australia soon