Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bob's Cyclone Yasi blog!

Yeah damn strait, I'm right in the path of this Yasi girl.
Well by now you'll all have heard of it, for you Statesers it's a Hurricane but down 'ere we call them Cyclones.

She's about to hit but don't get caught up in the media hype to sell their stories - it's just some wind and water that residents have had the best part of a week to prepare for.

If their roof flies off? Well it was a shitty roof. They should know this area is prone to Tropical Cyclones and act accordingly.

Anyway I haven't had the tv on for more than ... Well since the moto gp was on in fact.
I mean look at this :
For those without a qr reader: HERE

It's not until you get right in the epicentre where the winds start to become destructive. Sure the system is BLOODY huge but the important section of it isn't.

Yeah I'll leave it at that cause my power will prob go out soon, due to a *** ****** **** massive Cyclone Yasi coming at me!  Arrr!

I'll post some pics next few days


  1. cool looking forward to the pics!

  2. I can't wait to see some screen shots of this cyclone!

  3. Good luck with that horrendous weather

  4. I read bout it on the news. I really hope everything is ok.

  5. careful with that cyclone hehe

  6. nice blogs! i hope most ppl would appreciate nature as much as you do. keep it up!

  7. Oh nice gonna be waiting for pics!

  8. im looking forward to see the pictures man keep us updated!