Saturday, March 12, 2011

Red Arrow (Again)

So due to all the cyclone and flooding destruction here, it's difficult to access an open trail.
I resorted to partaking the Red Arrow, and sure enough it was chockers with after-workers.
A pretty easy walk usually, this time the track has been washed away in parts, a few trees and lots of bamboo over the pathway makes for a interesting walk.
I have to avoid the after five session because > one ex girlfriend walks it too!

Yeah it hasn't stopped raining here in Cairns since Yasi ploughed through a few weeks ago. But really no one cares about that now, all eyes are on Japan going critical.
 It doesn't mean we can forget about our national parks walking tracks! Wish the park rangers had a better budget and could open the tracks sooner.

So more walking tales to follow, I've nearly done all of the available hikes in the Cairns area, next on the list is Davies Creek waterfalls on the tablelands.
 I hear it's a rock-hopping track all along the river bed and best not to traverse after rain..

Update during the week to let ya all know about it. 


  1. Great story, hope you will find new tracks

  2. just so you know, I care! Hope you guys dry out a little bit. Or will it only be getting wetter as you start to head into fall/winter?

    /despite geographer status my knowledge of Oz's general weather patterns is a bit iffy.

  3. I haven't been hiking in a while but it sounds like fun. I need to get out!

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  4. Great story man. Checkin back soon.

  5. did someone say bamboo?!... let me grab my camera ;)

  6. hope the condition around your area gets better! do not worry as long as there concern people we will always have path ways to explore our wonderful nature!

  7. rain for weeks. Does not sound fun at all.

  8. At least you aren't in Japan right now...

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  10. Nice update. I hope you find some new trails opening somewhere!

  11. Happy to read another update from you :)