Friday, March 18, 2011

Blue arrow

Okay so I got back to the blue arrow, filled with water, snacks and supplies.... lol

It was bloody hard! At least five trees ( The huge ones not the little shrubs) over the beaten track that I had to climb, scramble over. And the track was so sloppy I nearly fell a few times.
But it was good to get back out there in the real forest.
Usually I meet a few others walkers on this track, but this time, zero.
We have been having non-stop rain here hence not many stupid people like me want to walk through the jungle as a torrent of water renders the path un walk-able for most.
So I'll do it again and take a few snaps next weekend so you'll all see what I mean.


  1. take some pics of the trees!

  2. I love it when it rains, post pictures, please!!

  3. I've done a few hikes with lots of fallen timber. I'll agree it isn't fun. One hike was through an area that had a recent micro-burst blowdown so there was a good 50 yard stretch that was nothing but a log scramble.

    Glad you made it through okay and didn't fall. I'll agree with the others, too. Pics!

  4. Dude, just be careful not to slip down an embankment or anything.

  5. Just started following! Im more into trail running but look forward to checking up on your adventures!

  6. Looking forward to more adventures as well as pictures! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Better get a water proof camera if you're going to take pictures :)

  8. I would definitely like to see those photos when you get a chance.