Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Intermediate guide to commands

Welcome to the opera irc!
If you haven't got your opera browser please go HERE and get it!

So this first section I'll write about some simple commands for the advanced user - the one who wants to go further than registering their nickname and registering channels.
All basic info you need for that is located Here (Opera's irc blog)

There are many irc clients out there and a lot of them are really good. I use opera simply because the web browser has proved more secure and stable than the other main web browsers. Well I don't think I'll have time to write any cool irc commands in today, will add to this soon though.


  1. Opera? I've only heard that name before. Guess I'll check it out, can't say I really fancy Firefox 4

  2. So you've settled on a topic, great!

  3. love your blog! keep up the quality posts!


  4. hmmm i haven't tried opera but maybe i will

  5. I've got Opera installed at work, don't know what to like more