Saturday, April 23, 2011

The real walk

Yeah it took a while, had a lot to do..
The walk I ended up doing has restricted access, it's restricted due to some government towers ( no idea what they do) at the peak. And they deem it to be a security risk or a bloody terrorist threat if someone wanted to go up there and blow them up. But really, no one is going to be bothered carrying explosives or the tools to bring down a coupla towers. And anyway if they could be bothered they'll do it regardless of the crazy warning signs all over the place. 

But I say, F 'em. They want to block access in a national park?? I've read the act and the only legal way there can be restricted access is due to damaging the local ecosystem.

Right then, I'll start with: No Swedish backpackers' on this trip!
What a pity.
It was a nice walk started out with a lot of switch-backs which get damn tiresome really quick. I didn't even make it to the peak.

I didn't see one other person on this walk, must be due to the signs at the start. I should mention that yes there is a large fence at the start of the walk, and there is a (one) guard person at the location too. I checked him out  a week before asking about the track and just had a polite chat.
He started off denying that there was ever a walking track there!
Until I convinced him I knew my walking tracks around the area and told him where the track went to. He admitted the existence of the track but has been closed since a cyclone has been through.
I didn't push him too much as to why they blocked off this one section due to dangerous conditions (That's the official version) which is illegal. All nation parks are deemed dangerous that's why there is no clause to restriction access to a park for that very reason.

Anyway the walk was bloody rough! It hadn't been trod for ages... I was happy to have taken my machete because the vines and crap were covering the track like crazy.
 So I get a fair way up and there is a cool view of the waterfall through some trees, that's my destination I though. But alas I had been walking for almost two hours and it was really tough going. I turned back, defeated, I have to go back. Also saw signs of wild pigs too, do NOT want to encounter those while walking solo.

I'll get back to that walk another day...


  1. Nice post! And very good blog. Will follow : ))

  2. Government towers=they just wanted to spend money on things they didn't need to spend money on.

  3. Wild pigs? why don't you introduce them to your machete :D

  4. It's a secret government hiding place for transformers

  5. Could you post some pics of the waterfall?

  6. Im sure those towers are just part of the haarp project network. Nothing to see here!

  7. Yeah don't let 'em blog those parks. It's for our enjoyment! Come check me out,

  8. thats too bad that it was fenced :-(, atleast you saw a beautiful waterfall!!
    eeeek about the wild pigs lol

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