Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glacier rock

Finally the weather held out..
Right so I started from the Douglas walking track at 7 in the morning, it will get pretty hot up there.
Took plenty of water and some lunch this time too... It started of as a nice walk through the rain forest and then bang! Talk about steep!
Well it was nothing compared to Stoney creek from a week ago, so working up a sweat on the steep switch backs I go.
No real sign of wild life, just a few lizards and stuff. I took a mate on this walk too - I usually trek alone so I can go my own pace -, and yeah we had a few rest stops on the way.
About half an hour up we reach the railway tracks and by jingo they have put in a walking bridge, this of course cuts out a fair amount of climbing and also provided us with a shady spot to sit for a few minutes. We already were privy to a fantastic view of the ocean.
Going further up was open to the sun and bloody steep, a few trees dotted about but no substantial shade.
We finally get to a peak where the turn off to Red Bluff is but the darn track was closed because it's 'dangerous'.
I would have gone anyway because we were in a National park that has no restricted access, so rather than saying 'Track closed' the parks managers should say; 'enter at you own risk'. Which is what you are doing when you enter the national park in the first place.
I might write them.
Picture is from the Glacier Rock lookout

 Someone has mentioned to me that there is a walk to 'Surprise Creek waterfalls' that is completely blocked off because of cyclone damage, and all around the entrance is fenced off. Now sure I'm fairly new to Cairns but you can't block access to a National park it is the Peoples park. The local council would have to go through red tape to get it re-zoned or something.
 But as yet, I haven't been able to confirm this. According to local information it is located at the end of the road at Barron Gorge.
If anyone has further information on this track please leave a comment, cheers.
More soon...


  1. again awesome post

  2. That sounds so great, I'm very jealous. And that's an amazingly beautiful picture! Keep up the good posts (and hikes!).

  3. I could use vacation like that :)

  4. Everything is lush green and warm looking there. Stupid reverse seasons.

  5. Thats a beautiful view from that lookout.

  6. Oh man that's a pretty lookout! I'll have a lot of time to hike in the future, and I think I'll be starting with Mt. Tam north of San Francisco here.

  7. ive been away for a bit. glad to see ur still keeping up with ur hiking blog

  8. wow man what a view from up there. really great picture, thanks!