Saturday, October 2, 2010

PART SIX: Bananas

So yeah, I get dry have another look around and proceed to make my way back up.
After about ten mins I am back to the train bridge and what do I hear, that's right the bloody train!
I sat down on a rock just before the bridge and waited for the train.
It comes creeping along joined by a plethora of waves and smiles from the Japanese tourists, I nearly got in as many photos as the waterfalls!

Now for the bloody hard part
The climb back up was daunting to say the least, not a dangerous a free rock climbing but sure if I fall or injure myself I am 2 hours away from anyone and I wasn't getting any reception out here.
On the lighter side I did pick some wild bananas at the base of the climb; there was a patch of them.
First half of the climb wasn't too bad with a few steps here and there to help me along, then comes the hard part scrambling up those bloody loose rocks is completely my idea of an adventure. You really feel alive when you slip on a rock fall a meter and only just stop yourself by catching a sapling that by rights shouldn't be able to support you weight anyway.
Yeah heart picked up a few beats after that one...


  1. Sounds like overall you had fun on your trip. Keep us posted with more.

  2. Holy shit! You are way more of a man than I could ever hope to be. Keep it up, mountain man!

  3. You wanna try hiking, if you ever make it out out Arizona, try some of the desert/mountain hiking trails. I would recommend doing it in winter though.

  4. I was actually at the beach today, and I was climbing on some slippery rocks! Didn't slip though. Stay safe!

  5. beautiful pic man, id love to hike somewhere with a waterfall

  6. I love mountains... too bad i live in the flattest place on earth...

  7. hey, this is one of my more favorite posts from you :)

  8. wow those are some good shots! sounds like a fun hike

  9. I don't think I'd like hiking... I walk everyday to work and I hate it !