Sunday, October 3, 2010

Part seven, the journey home

Right so nearly home; lol

Yeah bloody right, I have reached the top of the hardest section though but not without injury. You see I have no idea when but somewhere on the climb ( or scrabble) back up to the peak I seemed to have injured my left hip.
Now it's a slow incline for a while and then a damn steep drop for an hour to the start of this bloody walk.
So the way back starts of fine, then the hip starts to get worse and worse.

At one point I yell profanities to the sky; it really hurts...
So yeah it took double the amount of time to get back then on the way there which sucked big time. 
Oh and I f**ken ran out of water on the way back I swear I had some damn good luck I made it back at all.
Remember boys and girls take plenty of water and re-fill when you can.
Stay tunned for my next hike; Not sure whatever it is but won't be long! 


  1. hm.. bad luck on your hip injury :/

  2. good luck on th next hike! water water water

  3. hope u get better and back out there man

  4. Good luck, tommorow will always better ^^

  5. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one

  6. i wish you luck and lots of it

  7. good thing I visited your blog today!

  8. Good luck with the hip pain! I bet it hurts...

  9. I love hiking just enjoying the scenery and taking that fresh air. Keep up the cool posts.