Monday, October 4, 2010

New hike PART one, Walsh's Pyramid

Well some might (and did) call me crazy for tackling Walsh's Pyramid on my own. It's mostly a steep climb- It is just a steep climb and hikers are taken home in wheel chairs every year.
But so what? I'm no girl.
Started out at 8 am left home, It was already 24c by that time -Oh and plenty of water!
So now for the climb, did I say steep?
I should have brought rock climbing gear!
So after climbing for about an hour I come across a guy walking back down, we both stop for a chat and he give me some inspiring words- you're not even at the half-way point!
I lol'd, I was damn exhausted by then all there was to do was keep going.
Got to the half way point and sat down and wow, the view was amazing, I could see one of the islands out to sea I could see well you get the point, I was high up even at the half way point.
More later.


  1. I'm never hiking alone..never and you should do the same. nice blog btw.

  2. You should go climb a mountain with a good view around it on a clear day. Breath-taking... Here in Bulgaria we have a lot of those views and I just love hiking. I just pick a random direction, route and friend and go...

  3. i recently went hiking and the view of the ocean was breathtaking... hope to see more pictures soon

  4. It's good to see that you're beating inertia today :)

  5. i'm jealous. just looked it up. very pretty.

  6. woah, you are officially awesome

  7. post this type of stuff more!

  8. good follow up post to yesterday's

  9. i really enjoy hiking, its a great way to get out and live a little